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Best NFT Apps: Marketplaces, Analytics, and Rarity Tools

Best NFT Apps

The emergence of any new technology brings with it a flurry of innovation, and this holds particularly true for NFTs. The sector’s explosive growth has seen the development of robust infrastructure, spanning marketplaces, analytics, and rarity tools.

Finding the best NFT applications can be a tedious process, and many NFT tools aren't widely known. With so many new products on the market, we've compiled some of the best NFT apps in this article for you to try today.

NFT Rarity Tool Apps

Rarity has become a key consideration for investors, with rare NFTs selling for multiples higher than their common counterparts. Thus, it’s no surprise that a host of third-party tools calculating NFT rarity have gained traction in the space. 

Story’s official marketplaces incorporate official rarity rankings devised by projects’ teams, taking into account factors that generic tools might miss. These factors include the unique tastes of specific communities, which may hold certain attributes in high esteem even if they’re more commonly found than other traits. In doing so, Story’s rankings complement objective scarcity with insights into a collection’s most sought-after attributes. 

Conversely, protocols like Rarity Tools apply a generic framework across collections when determining rarity. This can be helpful when determining rarity for new collections. However, collectors may glean less insights than those provided by projects incorporating Story’s official rankings.

NFT Marketplace Apps

Opensea and competitors like Looksrare and X2Y2 offer generic marketplaces where anyone can create and list NFTs.

This approach is a double-edged sword. On one hand, aspiring creators can easily launch their own collections with no coding involved. On the other hand, bad actors have taken advantage of this by minting counterfeit collections that target unsuspecting buyers.

Origin Story’s white label marketplaces offer a safer alternative by designing official marketplaces in collaboration with NFT projects. Story’s marketplaces aggregate collection listings from generic marketplaces, offering collectors an overview of listed pieces and the peace of mind that they’re trading the real thing. 

Moreover, official marketplaces can integrate bespoke features. Some features Origin Story partners enjoy are token-gated access, multi-chain support, and advanced analytics dashboards integrated within their marketplaces.

Analytics Apps for NFTs

The unique dynamics of NFT transacting have given rise to a host of analytics tools specifically focused on providing key insights to participants.  

Origin Story’s white label marketplaces come complete with bespoke analytics dashboards to inform collectors’ decisions. These dashboards, such as the one developed for Pudgy Penguins, provide comprehensive, neatly packaged holder insights at a glance. 

Visualization of key metrics offered by the dashboard

Users can quickly gauge collection strength by assessing:

  • The number of unique holders
  • The proportion of holders who also own NFTs from a selection of Blue Chip collections
  • Notable individuals holding the NFT that serve to boost social capital
  • Holder distribution according to number of NFTs owned
  • Top holders in a collection by number of NFTs owned, with links to public wallet addresses

Other popular analytics tools include specialist firm Nansen, an industry mainstay that provides comprehensive insights. While Nansen provides in-depth on-chain analysis, the platform requires a subscription for access.

Origin Story recently launched its latest tool NFT Compare for public use in 2023. This tool allows users to compare two NFT collections side by side, allowing users to view sales, listings, and volume data. Interestingly, it also allows users to see holder overlaps between two collections, showing the correlation of NFT holders that own both tokens.

Dune, a community-driven analytics platform, offers free access to data across NFTs, DeFi, and the rest of the crypto space. However, finding the information you need can take a while. Visitors often need to sift through dashboards in order to glean desired insights.

NFT Collections Partnered With Origin Story

Since launching in July, Origin has been proud to partner with several leading NFT collections to build white label marketplaces. 

White label marketplace collaborations kicked off with one of the space’s most adored collections: Pudgy Penguins. Origin’s integration has offered the huddle an all-in-one analytics dashboard and an official branded NFT marketplace.

A screenshot of The Pudgy Penguin official marketplace powered by Origin Story.

What better place to surf the glaciers with your fellow Pengus? 

We’ve also been proud to partner with fellow members of the Arctic Alliance, Sappy Seals. 

Browse the official Sappy Seals marketplace to gain more insights into the community of meme-gods and social media heavyweights.

Origin has also developed official marketplaces for several other leading collections offering distinct utility. Both Karafuru and SupDucks have taken the space by storm with unique aesthetics and vibrant color palettes created by established artists.

Further partnerships include one of the strongest 3D NFT collections to date, The Humanoids, as well as the first collection ever minted in a single transaction, OnChainMonkey.

By partnering with diverse collections, Origin aims to serve communities across the spectrum, from cuteness maximalists to historical NFT enthusiasts.

Top NFT Protocols

The largest marketplace at present remains Opensea, which continues to enjoy the benefits of first-mover advantage in the nascent space. However, challengers LooksRare and x2y2 have emerged to compete for the crown, offering novel mechanics including staking and revenue share. Additionally, NFTX has entered the arena with options to swap like-kind NFTs and stake NFTs in return for yield.

Origin’s white label marketplaces aggregate listings from all four of the above marketplaces, giving users cross-market insights all in one place.

Story Simplifies the NFT Trading Experience

Web3 can be overwhelming, even for seasoned participants. Users are now faced with many options for third party analytics and generic marketplaces, making it hard to discern legitimate products.

Story’s white label marketplaces simplify the landscape’s chaos, offering integrated platforms that provide comprehensive analytics dashboards, official rarity rankings, and aggregated listings, all within a collection’s ecosystem. 

A seamless user experience is vital to mass adoption. With white label marketplaces, Origin Story is paving the way for an inclusive, accessible, and safe experience for all NFT enthusiasts.


Yasthiel Devraj