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How To Participate in OGN Governance

2023 is shaping up to be a big year for Origin Story as we continue to expand the platform’s rich feature set. As part of our commitment to decentralization, the Origin Story protocol is governed by OGN holders. Recently, OGN holders have actively participated in key proposals that shape OGN Season 3 staking.

With a number of exciting proposals in the mix, it’s imperative that users are empowered to make their voices heard. 

Please take note of the following guidelines and make sure to vote on active proposals!

Governance Requirements

In order to vote on a proposal, you must have OGN in your wallet at the time that the proposal is created. All holders can vote, regardless of the amount of OGN they hold. 

In order to submit a proposal, users need to hold a minimum of 1,000 OGN in their wallet.

Voting Power

Voting power is calculated using a simple moving average. This calculates the amount of OGN a user holds at the time a new proposal is created compared to 30 days earlier.

For example:

  • Your wallet holds 100 OGN when a proposal is created.
  • However, you held 0 OGN 30 days prior to when the proposal was created.
  • This means only 50 OGN will be allocated to your voting power.

This design allows all holders to participate, while also rewarding the commitment of long-term OGN holders. Moreover, it helps mitigate the risk of a participant buying up OGN to vote on a proposal and selling directly after, as these participants may not have Origin Story’s best interests in mind.

Get Started Now

There is currently an active proposal to subsidize rewards issued to OGN stakers. This complements our recently passed proposal to remove Story’s marketplace fees until June 1, 2023.

Have your say at by visiting the Origin Story snapshot Space and voting with your OGN. You can view the dashboard below that shows the most recent governance proposals. 

The current proposal will remain active until 21:51 UTC on March 21, 2023. While the proposal is active, as well as once the proposal closes, you can view the wallets that voted, as well as the amount of voting power they used to vote on the proposal.

Voters on the OGN proposal to reduce Origin Story Marketplace Fees

To cast your vote, scroll down on the proposal to the “cast your vote” section. This can be found underneath the details of the proposal. As a reminder, you’ll need to have held the OGN for 30 days to receive your maximum voting power, and you won’t be able to vote on proposals if you purchased OGN after the proposal was submitted.

About OGN

Origin Protocol (OGN) is the value accrual and governance token for Origin Story’s NFT ecosystem. OGN holders can participate in staking seasons to earn 100% of the marketplace revenue from Origin Story, including secondary transaction fees, fees from custom development, and revenue from primary NFT mints. As stated above, OGN holders can also participate in governance to decide the future of Origin Story. 


Yasthiel Devraj