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How to Use the Pudgy Traits Marketplace

Redeeming Pudgy Toy Traits

So you’ve bought your Pudgy Toy and want to redeem its traits? Look no further than Origin Story’s guide to using the Pudgy Traits marketplace. The Pudgy Penguins team has created a dynamic, multifaceted collecting experience with Forever Pudgy Penguins Traits, and here’s how you can be part of it. 

Each physical Pudgy Penguin toy offers a unique digital experience. Scanning the QR code featured on the plushie’s box grants holders NFT traits ranging from common and uncommon to rare and epic. Mythical traits, the rarest tier, can only be earned through minigame competitions in the Pudgy World.

Pudgy Traits can be bought and sold on Origin Story’s official marketplace, and they are used to customize your very own Forever Pudgy Penguin NFT avatar in the Pudgy World.

The Forever Pudgy collection features over 100 individual traits. You can seamlessly trade traits via Origin Story’s dedicated marketplace.

Getting Started

Origin Story built the Pudgy Traits marketplace with an express emphasis on usability, regardless of a users’ technical proficiency. Story’s latest platform features Magic Link, allowing for anyone to create a crypto wallet with their email address, without needing to manage passwords or seed phrases. 

Sign In With Email - Magic Link Wallets

Magic Link is a beginner-friendly web3 portal supporting over 20M users. 

You can sign up simply by linking your email or Google account. Magic Link automatically creates a non-custodial wallet for your account. This means that you don’t need to worry about storing lengthy passwords and seed phrases.

Once you’ve confirmed your details and verified your email, Magic Link creates your wallet. You’ll be greeted by a landing screen displaying your balances.

The landing page allows you to either buy, send or receive crypto at your convenience. Simply select buy in order to purchase crypto. Magic Links supports purchases via bank transfer and credit and debit card, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

That being said, it’s also possible to purchase Pudgy Traits on the official marketplace using a credit card. Origin Story’s partnership with Crossmint allows anyone to purchase traits without needing to fund their crypto wallet first.  

The bulk of the work is done! With a loaded wallet, you can now purchase and trade Forever Pudgy Penguin Traits on the Pudgy Traits marketplace.

Metamask & Other Wallets

The Pudgy Traits marketplace can also be accessed via popular self-custody Web3 wallets, such as Metamask, Wallet Connect, and Coinbase wallet.

Step 1: Acquire ETH on an Exchange

As the Traits marketplace is hosted on Polygon, you’ll first need to buy some ETH via a centralized crypto exchange.

Make sure to choose an exchange with a strong reputation. Visiting CoinMarketCap’s exchange rankings can help to inform your decision.

Step 2: Download an Ethereum Software Wallet

In order to transact on-chain, you’ll need to set up a self-custody Web3 wallet. Metamask is the most prominent wallet available. Metamask offers the wallet as a browser extension, as well as apps for iOS and Android.

Simply visit the site and follow the step-by-step guide to create your wallet.

Please take care to store your password and recovery key safely – losing your key or recovery phrase will make it impossible to access your wallet.

Step 3: Send ETH to Metamask

Time to load up! Once you’ve created your wallet, you’ll be able to easily buy, send, and transact crypto.

Your wallet’s unique blockchain address will be displayed at the top of the screen. You’ll be using this address to transfer crypto holdings.

To begin the transfer, head over to your crypto exchange and navigate to “Withdraw”. Before proceeding, make sure you are sending funds on the Polygon network. Next, enter the amount of ETH and paste your new wallet’s address into the destination field. 

The exchange will prompt you to choose a network for the transfer. Ensure that you select Polygon for ETH withdrawals. Choosing another network may result in a loss of funds. If your exchange doesn’t support Polygon withdrawals, you can send to your Ethereum wallet and bridge to Polygon.

Please note that all blockchain transfers incur transaction fees. These fees can vary significantly depending on the volume of network activity. Your exchange should quote the withdrawal fee before you initiate your transaction.

If you haven’t already purchased ETH via an exchange, you can do so using your credit card directly via Metamask.

Step 4: Make your purchase

Once your ETH has reflected in your software wallet, it’s time to trade!

Simply visit the official Pudgy Traits marketplace and click the “Connect” button at the top right. Confirm the connection in your Web3 wallet. After connecting, you’ll be able to seamlessly collect, hold, and trade your favorite Pudgy traits.

Using The Pudgy Traits Marketplace

Story’s Pudgy traits marketplace offers a host of useful tools to enhance your trading experience.

Once you’ve signed in with your wallet, head to your profile by selecting the dropdown showing your ETH address and profile picture at the top right. Your profile displays items held in your wallet across the collection. In order to list a Pudgy trait for sale, simply select the desired NFT and follow the resulting prompts.

All active listings can be easily monitored from your profile. Navigate to Listings to view items you’ve put up for sale, and you can view offers you’ve placed via the Offers tab. The Activity tab provides a full rundown of your listing, sale, and transfer history for items within the collection.

Make sure to claim your profile on the left of the page. You can upload your Forever Pudgy as a profile picture, making the experience even more personal.

Enter The Pudgy World

Pudgy Toy owners can redeem their traits by scanning the QR code featured on the box. 

You’ll be directed to Pudgy World, a vast community-based metaverse featuring minigames, mythical traits, and more.

The experience begins by entering the Igloo. Once inside, you can hatch your Forever Pudgy. Enter the unique code found on the Pudgy toy’s birth certificate to unlock your trait box.

Make your Forever Pudgy stand out by customizing the avatar using your traits. With over 100 traits on offer spanning fur color, clothing, head, and face, the possibilities are endless. The marketplace provides a fertile hunting ground for specific traits, allowing you to create a truly unique NFT.


The Pudgy Traits marketplace is the latest launch in a long-standing partnership between Pudgy Penguins and Origin Story. Story powers the official Pudgy Penguins marketplace, which features Pudgy Penguins and secondary collections Lil Pudgys and Pudgy Rods. Check it out to discover the cutest ecosystem on the blockchain.

If you are a creator or brand interested in learning more about Origin Story, contact us at partnership[email protected]


Yasthiel Devraj