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Lucky Ducky Launches Generative NFT Collection on Origin Story

We’re expanding Origin Story to enable the creation of large-scale NFT collections for growing communities of collectors and fans to position creators in the gaming, metaverse, and PFP (profile picture) verticals for success.

Beginning next week, we will be launching a series of generative collections with our inaugural partners in these market segments. We’re very excited to kick it off with Lucky Ducky, the first family-friendly, hand-crafted, claymation generative collection.

Lucky Ducky

Lucky Ducky is a collection of 7,777 claymation sculptures that are being brought to the Ethereum blockchain. Founded by seasoned artist, animator, and director 0fish0 (aka Jeremy) who previously launched the highly-successful Clay Cats derivative project of Cool Cats, Lucky Ducky has aspirations to be the first family-friendly NFT brand. The long-term roadmap includes production of an animated claymation TV series, merchandise drops, and metaverse integrations with Decentraland and Sandbox. The rest of the team includes prodigee developer Shrimp, designer @gooblintown, and Origin’s very own William Tong as a community advisor.

Lucky Ducky doesn’t end with the initial primary sale. There will be future NFT airdrops and cross-chain support. We’re excited to partner with the team to release this NFT collection that will give buyers a stake in the future roadmap of the brand while also ensuring them plenty of upside potential in the secondary markets. The Lucky Ducky team is focused on ensuring that their highly-curated community of collectors is aligned with their family-centric mission, and in return, they are excited to release the Lucky Ducky NFTs at a buyer-friendly price point of 0.0777 ETH.

The Priority Mint will begin on Tuesday, March 22nd at 9 am PT and the Public Sale will follow on March 24th at 9 am PT.

In the words of 0fish0, “Let’s Ducking Go”.

Expansion to New Verticals

The Origin Story platform,, to date has been used to power multiple record-breaking sales in the art, celebrity, entertainment, and music verticals. We’ve hosted record-breaking auctions and sold tens of thousands of credit-card enabled NFTs for mainstream supporters of Inspiration4/SpaceX as well as Paris Hilton.

The NFT market is continuing to explode in popularity and gross sales, and it’s important now to expand our platform offering to capture these valuable market segments.

There are several shared characteristics of the popular Avatar, Gaming, and Collectibles markets. In all these cases, collections oftentimes feature thousands of NFTs that are sold to thousands of individual collectors that are betting on the growth of the underlying projects. Further, NFTs have varying levels of rarity and scarcity based on their unique properties. As such, these NFTs don’t merely represent art or in-game items; they double as collectibles that have the potential to appreciate in value as the underlying projects built out their products, whether that’s metaverse and gaming experiences, physical merchandise, or content (e.g. tv, film, comic books). Healthy NFT ecosystems have thousands of active Discord members (e.g. close to 7,000 in Lucky Ducky’s case) and generate significant secondary transaction volume after the primary sales conclude. As more secondaries are generated, the community grows in number of holders while creators are able to monetize fairly by capturing modest secondary royalties.

Ecosystem Features

Origin Story aims to be the one-stop shop for many creators in these burgeoning verticals. Beyond focusing on our creator-centric storefronts, you can look forward to us releasing new ecosystem features that mean creators and their communities can continue to engage long after the drops.

We’ll be bringing back collection-specific secondary marketplaces and other powerful features that are hosted on our creator partners’ micro-sites. With a rich feature suite to enable creators to power their entire NFT ecosystems, whether in gaming, metaverse, art, collectibles, etc., we’ll be able to bring NFTs to the masses.

With the ability to generate both primary and secondary sales for our creator ecosystems, we’re also focused on thoughtfully generating protocol fees that can then be passed to OGN holders. Look forward to a more in-depth blog post and decentralized governance proposal regarding some of these exciting planned updates, including an update to OGN token utility and economics for Origin Story.

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Matthew Liu