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Trade Pudgy Toys Traits on Origin Story!

Origin Story x Pudgy Penguins

Origin Story is excited to announce a new collaboration with our long-standing partners, Pudgy Penguins. As Pudgy Penguins rolls out Pudgy Toys, Origin Story powers the official Pudgy Traits marketplace.  

Pudgy Toys are dubbed the “Trojan Horse” of NFTs, onboarding new users to blockchain without them even realizing it. Pudgy Toys are available on Amazon and major retailers across the globe. 

Pudgy Toys is a new line of physical collectibles, illustrating the project’s carefully tailored strategy to expand Pudgy IP beyond web3. The range of eye-wateringly adorable physical plushies is already gracing the shelves of large retailers, including the likes of Amazon and EB Games.

Somehow, crypto’s cutest NFT collection is getting even cuter

Origin Story’s official Pudgy Toys Traits Marketplace abstracts away the blockchain, providing a simplified platform for new adopters to enter NFTs while enjoying a vastly simplified user experience. From credit card purchases powered by Crossmint to email sign in powered by Magic Link, users may not even know they’re interacting with non-fungible tokens. There is no need to manage passwords, pay with crypto, or keep seed phrases safe. 

Each Pudgy Toy includes NFT traits, which vary in rarity from common to epic. Owners can redeem their Forever Pudgy Trait by scanning a QR code inside the box. Once claimed, users can choose to wear their traits as part of their Forever Pudgy, or trade them on the Pudgy Traits Marketplace. 

The Pudgy Traits Marketplace

Origin Story’s User-Centric Platform 

Pudgy Toys Traits joins Pudgy Penguins, Lil Pudgys, and Pudgy Rods as a collection hosted by Origin Story marketplace. Notably, Pudgy Toys Traits has its own Polygon marketplace, making it as seamless as possible for newcomers to enter the fold with Pudgy Toys. All collections under the Pudgy Penguins brand can also be found on the official Pudgy Penguins marketplace.

With this latest launch, the Origin Story team has been building tirelessly to craft a seamless experience to cater to new adopters.

The Pudgy Traits marketplace leverages a rich feature set including Polygon support, Magic Link, and Crossmint credit card support. These implementations dramatically lower current barriers to entry, providing the ideal starting point for anyone looking to get into NFTs. New traders can thus enjoy a soft landing in Web3, with minimal technical knowledge required.

Get your plushies while they’re still on the shelves!

If you are a creator or brand interested in learning more about Origin Story’s fully customizable marketplaces, contact us at [email protected]


Yasthiel Devraj