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Heads Up, OGN Season 2 Staking Locks on February 7th, As Season 3 Pre-Staking Opens

Since launching OGN staking in July, users have enjoyed two successful seasons of staking with rewards disbursed in OGN and ETH. We’re inspired by the dedicated participation in OGN’s staking program since Season 1 launched in 2022. With Season 2 winding down, it’s time to prepare for Season 3! 

A mammoth 55.9m OGN has been staked to the Season 2 pool, with under a week to go (Story)

Key dates:

  • Season 3 pre-staking begins: Feb 7, 2023 at midnight UTC
  • Season 3 commences: Mar 9, 2023 at midnight UTC
  • Season 3 staking locked: June 7, 2023 at midnight UTC
  • Season 3 ends: July 7, 2023 at midnight UTC

OGN Staking Season 3: March 9th, 2023

OGN staking mechanics use a points-based system to delineate rewards. 

1 point is awarded per OGN staked per day, throughout the 120 day season. At the end of  each season, rewards are disbursed proportionally based on points accrued.

While a season runs for 120 days, the staking window is locked after 90 days. Once the Season 2 staking window locks on February 7, 2023, users will be able to begin pre-staking for Season 3, which commences on March 9, 2023.

Pre-staking will not accrue points until the start of Season 3. However, given the points-based system, staking as early as possible naturally offers the best opportunity to claim a higher proportion of rewards. 

While users can unstake OGN at any time, please note that this results in a forfeiture of all points earned. Once Season 3 ends, users will have 30 days to claim their rewards. All unclaimed rewards will be rolled over into the following Season’s rewards pool. 

More Features, More Yield

Origin Story has been building relentlessly to deliver increased utility and cultivate strong partnerships with key brands entering web3. We’ve got a lot more in store that we’re itching to share – keep those tweet notifications on to be the first in the know! 

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Yasthiel Devraj