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Past lives, new beginnings by Paris Hilton

"Paris: Past Lives, New Beginnings" is a collaboration with two innovative female digital artists, Paris Hilton and Superplastic’s synthetic superstar, Dayzee. These pieces represent Paris's symbolic closing of one chapter of her life and moving onto the next.

Ultraviolet by 3LAU

3LAU's sale on Origin generated $11.7M in sales and holds the world record for the most successful music NFT of all time. Global media covered the historic event, with Forbes, Business Insider, Coindesk, and many other outlets heralding in the new age of NFTs with their coverage.

Metaversal by BT

Metaversal is BT's 14th artist album and the first album imagined as a programatic blockchain experience. It encompasses beautiful audio reactive art, music that adapts to time, and collection of physical fine art sculptures from the audio waveforms of the songs themselves.


Inspiration4, powered by SpaceX, was the first civilian orbital space mission. Mission Commander Jared Isaacman chose to raise 200 million dolllars for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to end childhood cancer. Supported by the artist community of over 50 NFT creators including Ali Sabet, Nyla Hayes, and Alotta Money, this historic drop sold over 60,000 NFTs with all proceeds going to St. Jude.

ΞTHΞRΞAL by Trevor Jones, Alotta Money & Don Diablo

The original EthBoy was designed as a programmatic art piece that dynamically changes scenes every day based on the price of ETH, gas prices, and other factors, taking viewers through a five year journey over ten chapters. The renowned trio worked with Origin to auction of the NFT and accompanying royalty rights for the rest of the ΞTHΞRΞAL collection for 150 ETH.


Metacask came to us with the wild idea of tokenizing a rare cask of 1991 Macallan whiskey in collaboration with the legendary Trevor Jones, and auctioning it off as a 1/1 NFT. We knew it was special given all the participants involved, but we never thought we’d break the previous world record for largest whiskey sale by over three times! The Macallan Whiskey NFT is linked to the real-world 1991 Macallan Whiskey cask which is stored at Macallan’s distillery in Scotland.


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