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Tokenizing Real Estate: Roofstock OnChain Sells Another Property via NFTs with Origin Story

Tokenizing real-world assets to streamline traditional financing and real estate transactions, Roofstock onChain and Origin Story celebrate another significant home sale. The Roofstock onChain NFT marketplace powered by Origin Story seamlessly executed its third property sale, furthering the innovative fusion of the real estate industry disrupted by blockchain technology.

Located at 332 Montclaire Ln in West Columbia, South Carolina, this three-bedroom, two-bathroom home was sold for 204,000 USDC. A new feature of this sale was Roofstock's collaboration with, an NFT liquidity aggregator that enables users to secure financing options that are much more flexible than those offered by traditional avenues.

This transaction, benefiting both the buyer and seller, redefines conventional real estate practices and pushes forward the potential of tokenizing real-world assets (RWAs) for the future of both industries.

Recap of Previous Home Sales

Screenshot 2023-09-05 at 11.03.16 AM.png

First Sale: In a landmark event in September of 2022, Roofstock onChain and Origin Story witnessed its inaugural property sale. This groundbreaking transaction made history as the first sale of a real-life home using an NFT marketplace. The property, a three-bedroom house in Columbia, SC, was acquired for $175,000 using USDC, with both parties benefiting from a swift ownership transfer and a minimal 3% fee – a considerable reduction from traditional real estate standards.

Second Sale: Roofstock marked another milestone with the sale of a property in Harvest, Alabama, for $180,000 in USDC. Leveraging Teller Protocol, they provided flexible, asset-backed Decentralized Finance (DeFi) lending. This approach, promoting fast-tracked sales and settlements, highlights its adaptability in diverse real estate markets, blending the benefits of blockchain technology, efficiency, transparency, and security into the conventional property sales process.

The Rise of Tokenizing Real-World Assets

The real estate landscape, notorious for its intricate processes, fees, and delays, is undergoing a tech-driven transformation. By tokenizing properties with NFTs on the blockchain, we're symbolically cutting the red tape to usher in an age of simplified, instant, and transparent property transactions. This innovation grants investors control and injects liquidity into a traditionally stagnant market.

Origin Story is at the forefront of this shift. Beyond renowned achievements like record-breaking music NFTs and collaborations with major NFT projects, our new introduction of a redeemable NFTs platform is a game-changer. With this platform, an NFT, perhaps of a sought-after property, can be easily redeemed for the physical asset or traded on secondary markets. This convergence of the digital and physical worlds emphasizes the potential to globalize and simplify asset trading across multiple industries, with real estate paving the way. 

About Roofstock and Origin Story


Roofstock and Origin Story are pioneering the fusion of blockchain and real estate.

Roofstock onChain, a subsidiary of Roofstock, Inc., offers tokenized single-family rentals, ushering in a new era of streamlined crypto transactions that bypass the existing problems present in traditional systems. Developed by Origin Story, a segment of Origin Protocol celebrated for its NFT platform, the Roofstock onChain marketplace facilitates the smooth trading of real estate as NFTs. Together, the partnership is setting new standards in the real estate sector through cutting-edge blockchain innovations.


Partnering with Roofstock OnChain, Origin is leading the way in evolving the web3 space with innovative NFT solutions. Beyond transactions, these property sales hint at a future in real estate where properties are tokenized for faster, clearer, and wider-reaching deals.

As Origin Story continues to innovate with new frontiers, the possibilities of asset tokenization are expanding. Stay tuned to be among the first to witness and leverage these groundbreaking shifts. 


Origin Story Team